A Little Bitty Intro

That’s me Ariel (left) and my sister Rachele, behind us is our ship One World. Let me first tell you a little of how we ended up on that beach with our 64′ traditionally rigged schooner behind us. 

We were fresh out of university and wondering what we were going to do with our lives. We wanted travel and an unconventional lifestyle that kept us out of an office, far away from the white picket fence and on the move. One snowy day in Colorado (where we were born and raised) we were brainstorming all the ways we could keep that dreaded white fence at bay and figure out how to travel as much as possible and make a living along the way.  I turned to my sister and said “let’s buy a boat!” aha! the idea of Sailing One World was born. Thanks to a lot of hard work, a little luck, an amazing supportive mother and spectacular timing we, in only three  short months had sold everything, bought one way tickets to Panama and were signing the paperwork on our new to us giant steel schooner, One World. It should be noted here that we had no idea how to sail or how much work would go into keeping our new home in amazing condition. We hired a friend of the previous owner who knew One World like the back of his hand to train us. Our first job was in the backpacker business taking passengers from Panama to Colombia via the beautiful San Blas/Guna Yalla islands. After about a year and a half we had had enough of the transportation/boarder crossing game and moved on to private charters in the San Blas/Guna Yala islands of Panama. This archipelago of about 365 beautiful tropical post card islands is the home of one of the last remaining autonomous Indian cultures in the world. Another year passed and several captains later my sister and I reached the point where we were comfortable taking the helm. This may be one of the only ships in the world where two captains work well  together on board. We both have our strengths and can fill in where the other needs a boost. I believe that a life time of working together, playing together, fighting with each other and communicating with one another makes this possible. It’s not always easy but it sure has been a grand adventure. 

It has now been almost 6 years, some really good times and some  really bad times and so many lessons learned. We are still offering charters in Panama (for now) and decided it was time to start a blog about our life, adventures and all the things that come to pass on the decks of S.S. One World. So here we go! Plaeas subscribe if you want to stay up to date, and look for our ‘Throw back Thursday’ posts where we will post stoties about our past adventures. Trust me there are some good ones!



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  1. Michael says:

    Where would someone subscribe to your blog? I am not finding a Subscription area. Thanks. Good looking blog so far. Keep up the good work.

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    1. ssoneworld says:

      Hey we’re working on getting an obvious subscription button but you can’t do that from a phone (the only device we currently have and what the whole blog has been created on) on a phone/tablet if you scroll all the way down to the bottom where the Facebook page link is a small tab pops up that says “follow” there you can type your email and get updates! Not sure what it looks like on a computer. Thanks for following! More content coming soon!


  2. Cathy N. says:

    Love your story! My hubby and I (the other pair of successful co-skippers in the world) finished our circumnavigation and the San Blas was one of our favourite destinations. I look forward to hearing more about your sailing adventures.

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  3. Debbie Orlando says:

    As a 100 ton Master Captain and mother of 5 daughters….I would love for some of my daughters to do this…..so good luck to you…. Fair winds….and sandy beaches….

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    1. ssoneworld says:

      We are always accepting volunteer crew and love to teach other women about sailing! If any of them are interested have them send their resume and a brief cover letter to us and we can talk in more detail. SailingOneWorld@yahoo.com


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