One World

Introducing One World a one of a kind, 64′ steel gaff rigged brigantine schooner, Built 1984 in St. Louis de Pintendre Quebec, Canada. Designed by Tom Colvin, a sort of well known boat builder and designer, now deceased.  She was completely refit in 2009 by the previous owners and fell into our hands in 2011.

We can fly an impressive 9 sails (only 7 are up in the photo) she tops out at a whopping 8 nautical miles per hour! (we don’t go very fast) and she weighs in at 25 tons (that’s 55,000lbs!)

“Sailing: The fine art of getting wet and becoming ill while slowly going nowhere at great expense” -Beard & McKie

Yes we do have a motor and we’re oh so very proud of that metal monster, lovingly named Nessy. A diesel 4 cylinder 90hp Ford Boman who just keeps on running and has reliably gotten us out of some tight spots. Except those few inconvenient moments when she decides to quit, while we’re in a tight channel with a freighter coming up behind and there is absolutely zero wind to sail on. we’ll get to all those fun panic filled stories later.

She can hold 10 souls in her hold, and sleep all of them with boatish comfort. Her interiors are full of light and airflow and we have two heads (bathrooms).

We are primarily powered by the wind and the sun. With a large array of solar panels, more coming soon, and a wind generator at the tippy top of the mast. We strive to use as much clean energy as possible and live a life as eco friendly as all the plastic packaging in the world will allow.

She’s fully equipped with all the regulation safety equipment and we’re about to add a DeLorme to our stash so you can all ping our location wherever we are soon!

That’s One World in a very small nutshell. You’ll get to learn more about all her weird little quirks and those of the crew in our upcoming posts.

If you have any questions about One World ask them in the comments below.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Viki Moore says:

    Wow she looks like an amazing vessel.


  2. Fredrik Ecke says:

    Really cool! ThanksšŸ‘


  3. Chris Zeh says:

    This is awesome, would love to see a photo or video tour of One World!


    1. ssoneworld says:

      As soon as we are out of the yard and this ship is looking ship shape again get ready for an amazing video tour. ( complete with spoofy humor)
      Good to hear from you. Can’t wait to see you and your lady for an amazing sailing vacation!

      Liked by 1 person

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