Neighborly Tamale Love 

Our neighbor who works in the boat yard came by this morning bringing with him ten home made warm tamales. His wife’s speciality he says. He told us that he sees us working so hard everyday and thought we might need some home cooked love.

This little town is starting to surprise us with how welcoming, genuine and just plain nice the people are. We paid him $1.50 each and believe it to be worth every penny. 

Our bellies are rumbling, tamales for breakfast! 


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  1. Bev says:

    I think you two are amazing. My boyfriend and I sailed our 40ft Block Island from PC Florida to Guatemala and back…..awesome journey…just he and I….and George…the auto pilot which quit one day into our return trip 😒

    Fair winds….

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    1. ssoneworld says:

      Aw thanks!!! We normally have 3 crew, since February it has just been Rachele and I….and Orville….our auto pilot….except he’s pretty unreliable when the wind picks up or the seas are coming from the wrong direction, or that once crucial moment we need him the most. I know the pain! We hand steered all the way from Columbia to Florida back in 2012 but it sure did teach us how to steer! Stay tuned there are more crazy adventures coming soon!


  2. Tim Bagley says:

    Great story….look forward,to following your story..quite a bit of work ahead of you…but all the hard work pays off on the days that sailing brings…i have survived a bout of cancer for the last 3 years…had to sell my 50ft gulfstar ketch…a very sad day…another few cosmetic surgeries and I will start looking for my next boat…till then if you don’t mind I will live my sailing life thru you vicariously…..good luck….fair winds and following seas…..Tim…..p.s…..if you need any good recipes I have some incredible galley delicacies…i spent half my life in cooking at some incredible restaurants around the U.S….cheers

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    1. ssoneworld says:

      I’m glad to hear you kicked cancers ass! Sorry to hear you had to sell your boat ☹️ We would be honored to have you live vicariously through us till you can get back out on the water! We are always looking for galley recipes! Please share your favorites!!!! Stay in touch maybe some day our boats will cross courses!


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